Welding Service

HIGHSUN offers metal welding, metal fabrication, railing, metal roofing, and trellis and canopy services in Singapore. We have highly qualified and experienced personnel who can understand the processes involved in the supply chain and the frequent need for speedy turnaround times welding service.


We offer a comprehensive selection of railing services. We provide gate, step, interior, outdoor, staircase, and balcony railings as well as railing services. To create unique railing solutions that meet client needs, we use premium materials including iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Gate railing

Metal Fabrication Works

Highsun offers personalized metal fabrication goods, including kitchen trolleys, bollards, barrier poles, and both small and large stairway constructions.

Metal Roofing Works

For both commercial and residential properties, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of unique metal roofing in Singapore systems. To ensure endurance and durability, our metallic roofing works with premium materials including copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel.

Canopies and Trellis Works

We create, fabricate, and install trellis and canopy structures according to customer specifications.

canopy structure

At HIGHSUN, our in-house welding and fabrication services not only support our custom automation group but also support the needs of a wide range of industries we currently serve. We have qualified welders and fabricators who have experience in working with various materials to create the products you require.

We also have experienced welding personnel who aid customers in their production processes, quality control, and welder training. To provide Total Quality Assurance that their welding processes meet the requirements necessary to consistently manufacture products of high quality and to assist them in complying with industry-recognized international and national codes and standards, we work with manufacturers.

With skilled professionals, we can fabricate your designs from basic sketches or detailed computer-generated drawings. Our services cover all types of weldments. Whether it is a simplistic handrail or bracket assemblies to more complex custom machine frames and industrial weldments, we have experienced welders who can handle all your fabrication needs.

We plan to take our metal welding services to a higher level by building turnkey equipment for your applications. If you are looking for design support for your project, our in-house engineers and computer-aided drafters can supply you with Solid works models and detailed drawings for your project.

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